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Brig. Gen. (Ret) Shaike Horowitz

EXPERTISE: Homeland Security; Critical incident response and Management.


35 years of experience in Israel's war against terror.

Managed leading operations within the Israel National Police including the Bomb Division Security Division and Operation Department.

 Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office as part of the Israeli National Security Council.

 Administrated National programs such as: "safe cities" and "Municipal– policing" under the Minister of Public – Security.

 Leading Israeli Borders Crossing Checkpoints program and the preparation of Guidelines on security issues , methods and technologies for preventing the smuggling of weapons and drugs into Israel.

Contributions at the introduction of ISPS code in Israel

Contributions at the introduction of a CSI - Container Security Initiative at ports in Israel

Specializing in planning and management of Large-scale programs. Guidance to public and private companies on various subjects: Personal security, Infrastructure security installation, Security concepts, Training, Security Technologies, Exercises, Control and Supervision

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