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As a people person, the interaction with others has been a major component of my professional development.

In 36 years of active service I have accumulated considerable practical experience, including handling hundreds of terrorist attacks in urban areas, determining policy and implementing it, consulting countries and providing training around the world on issues of terrorism, bomb disposal and security.

Throughout my career, and especially in training and leading my subordinates, I have been guided by a core value of “Professionalism without Pomp”: on the one hand to maximize one’s professional ability in order to protect human life, while on the other hand to uphold human dignity and maintain composure and humility.

To deal with the many terrorist attacks that are an integral part of life in Israel, I had to continuously develop new and creative means to predict and identify the next threat and to neutralize it.

I currently act as a professional consultant in areas of my expertise that concern the protection of human life and improvement of civilian quality of life. For example: protection of borders, border crossings, prevention of terrorist attacks, bomb disposal, security, policing and Safe Cities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me privately with any project or question you may have.


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