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Col. (Ret) Gadi Eshed

Served as the Israel Police Representative in the Netherlands and Western Europe, where I garnered extensive experience in cooperation and operation of international investigations. I handled directly the management and operation of special and joint investigative teams with law enforcement agencies worldwide, as well as working with the prosecution and judicial bodies in many countries.

2007 – 2011    Served as Head of the national Research Department and Deputy Head of the Intelligence Division of the Israel Police. The core of the work consisted of the processing, analysis and research of vast amounts of information and the formulation of an intelligence situation report for Police heads and for the Public Security Minister. In this context I also initiated for the first time the production and publication of a research magazine at the Investigation and Intelligence Division of the Israel Police.

2011 – 2016    Served as Commander of the elite Central Unit of the Tel Aviv District (Yamar). I served the majority of my police service in this unit. We handled the most violent, organized and severe crimes in Israel, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in Europe and the United States. I led and ran serious crime investigations including in the field of ​​terrorism, and was involved in hundreds of criminal charges against some of the highest ranking criminals in Israel.

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